Project References

Chemical Plant

    • Chemical Plant Facilities by Chang Chun Development @ Jurong Island
    • 2MX by Mitsui Chemical @ Jurong Island
    • Project Lion Phase 1 & 2 by Afton Chemical @ Jurong Island
    • Butyl Rubber (BTR) plant by Lanxess @ Jurong Island
    • Office/Substation by Ciba Chemical @ Jurong Island
    • Mechanical Work by Shoei Chemical 
    • Office Building/Substation by Champion X @ Jurong Island
    • Admin/Warehouse/Substation by Huntsman Corporation @ Jurong Island
    • Office/Production/Warehouse by Unimatec @ Jurong Island
    • A&A to AHU & Ducting Works by BASF South East Asia @ Jurong Island
    • Replacement of Process Chiller by WR Grace

Oil / Petrochemical

    • HDS Plant by ExxonMobil
    • Aurora EOS by ExxonMobil
    • Aurora Warehouse by ExxonMobil
    • BSA Lab by ExxonMobil
    • JSP Project by ExxonMobil
    • Control Building & Substation @ MEG Plant by Shell Eastern
    • Baker Hughes by Baker Hughes
    • Lubricant oil-blending plant (LOBP) by Total Oil Asia Pacific
    • Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) by Singapore Refinery Corporation
    • West Natuna Transportation System (WNTS) by Conoco Phillips

Flavours & Fragrance

    • A&A @ 1 Woodlands Ave 8 by Givaudan Singapore
    • A&A @ Enterprise Road by International Fragrance & Flavour
    • Laboratory @ Biopolis by Eurofragrance Asia Pacific
    • A&A Lab work & Compounding Plant by Firmenich Asia 


    • A&A Works to Level 2 and Level 3 of Tangs by Tang Holding  
    • A&A Works to Noble Hotel at North Bridge Rd HK Street Pte Ltd
    • A/A Works to Singapore Swimming Club by Singapore Swimming Club
    • 8 Plots Bungalow @ Sandy Island by YTL Land
    • Condominium at St. Martin Dr by Premier Properties
    • Chelsea Lodge Condo by Ho Bee Investment
    • Goodwood Gardens at Balmoral Crescent by Trade & Industrial Dev 
    • Burhani Mosque by Shiah Dawoodi Bohra Trust
    • St. Stephen Primary School by Ministry of Education
    • Sembawang Primary School by Ministry of Education

Food & Beverage

    • Infant Nutrition Facility by Mead Johnson Nutrition
    • Production/Office/Warehouse by Pacific Refreshments
    • Dryer Building Extension by Wyeth Nutritional
    • Project Crystal by Tate & Lyle
    • Office by Anbros Industrial Pte Ltd


    • Singapore Bulk Vaccine Facility by Glaxo Wellcome Manufacturing
    • GSK Tech Centre by Glaxo Wellcome Manufacturing
    • R&D Chemdev Pilot Plant by Glaxo Wellcome Manufacturing
    • PB1 - Dolutegravir 2G 10TPA by Glaxo Wellcome Manufacturing
    • PB2-HPF SG9 by Glaxo Wellcome Manufacturing
    • Bio SG40 Capacity Increase - CSA & MEP Works by GSK Biologicals
    • Enzymatic Amox Dry End Facilities by Beecham Pharmaceuticals
    • ELPIS @ Quality Road by Beecham Pharmaceuticals
    • Multi Product Plant Phase 1 by Schering Plough
    • Multi Product Plant Phase 2 by Schering-Plough
    • R&D Facility Project by Schering-Plough
    • Bulk Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility by Schering-Plough
    • Pfizer Pharmaceutical Chemical Facility by Pfizer Asia Pacific
    • Warehouse, Dispensary & Tank Farm by Pfizer Asia Pacific
    • Pharmaceutical Plant & API Plant by Merck Sharp & Dohme
    • New Pharmaceutical Facility (NPF) by Merck Sharp & Dohme
    • Novartis ME3 - Phase 3 by Novartis Singapore
    • Novabay Plant by Novabay


    • Project Straits by Sigma-Aldrich
    • Animal Laboratory by Philip Morris International


    • OLS Manufacturing Plant by OLS Manufacturing Singapore
    • Alpha 1 - Office/Substation/Warehouse/Lab by Lucite International 
    • Sabic by Sabic Innovative Plastics 
    • AP2WML + PRISM by Dupont 
    • Carbonate Project by Chevron
    • Leighton Eclipse by GB Marine

Certificate of Appreciation